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We were slated on the calendar to go to print in a week, and we already had voted on the eight that were going to be the designs of 2014.   One night while I was recording my daily entry in my text diary of my ‘Fusion’ journal, my daughter entered the room and caught sight of ‘Chillin’ with Dylan’ on the opposite page.    When my daughter saw the design, she inquired from me, “Why didn’t we include this in the eight?’   I told her that it was because I had just finished it.   She insisted that we discard one of the eight to make room for this one.  The date of the drawing logged in my ‘Fusion’ journal was November 3, 2014.   The original name of the design was ‘When Quinn the Eskimo Gets Here.’             

Chillin' With Dylan

SKU: AF-2014
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