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A popular Christmas card that we reprinted in 2013, ‘Dueling Santas’ was originally given to a patron on my mail route.   In the early days of giving out thank you notes to patrons, I never photographed the originals.   Sadly, we have lost many designs over the years because I didn’t have the vision for Ice Box Cards in those days.  The original of this cartoon was lost.   Another one very similar was reproduced later, but it lacked the charm or caught the humor.   My daughter finally convinced me to photograph my art before sending the originals to my clients, but it was too late for Dueling Santas.   The ‘Dueling Santas’ concept was one of a few that I remembered after sending it out, and remarkably I was able to recreate the concept in my ‘Fusion’ journal in my April 3rd, 2010 entry.  The caption in the journal was ‘Santas of Parallel Universes’, but we preferred ‘Dueling Santas’ when we went to print.                  

Dueling Santas

SKU: F-2010
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