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Note to self: never assume a company will continue to buy your product for ever.   In the early years of Ice Box Cards, we were fortunate enough to land an account selling cards at Duluth Pack in the Canal Park business section of Duluth, Minnesota.  We sold a ton there.  Whenever a friend wanted to know where they could buy our cards, we would direct them to Duluth Pack.   One day as I went down to show them off our new line of cards, I was shocked to learn that our buyer had retired.  A new buyer had taken over the helm, and he no longer wanted to mess with our low end product.  We were out of Duluth Pack.  This was sad on many fronts for us, but the saddest front was that we had created this special card just for Duluth Pack.   We continue to sell the card as named, but in the future we might have to rename it.   I originally drew this card in my ‘Fusion’ journal on August 11, 2011 with the caption, “Next Time Don’t Forget to Bring along the Otter Repellent.” 

Duluth Packed

SKU: S-2012
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