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I drew this design up in my ‘Fusion’ journal on January 3, 2011 with the title caption, ‘That Jack London Sure Could Write.’   I was trying to capture the feeling I get when I picture Calvin and Hobbes read a book together, or when Charlie Brown reads a book with Snoopy.   It is a simple drawing with simple postures, but it is very difficult to capture the warm, relaxation of the exercise of reading.   This is one of my favorite designs because I think I pulled it off and got it right.   Ironic, after we printed the card, I overhead some ladies who had a book club/ drinking club from work discussing having T-shirts made about their book club.  I talked them into using my design, and calling themselves the ‘Far North Book Club.’   I printed a couple dozen off, and I sold the remnant of the batch on Face Book, but I have never seen anyone ever wearing that T-shirt.

The Far North Book Club

SKU: Q-2012
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