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When my daughter Jana sought to give the cartoon a richer, deeper background, she reinvented my original cartoon design of the moose aiding grandmother while she knitted.  I recorded the original in my ‘Fusion’ journal April 14, 2010 as a moose reluctant to be helping in a Copenhagen blue background.   The card captures the reluctance, but the added darkness of the dark purple design prevented us from seeing the frown on the moose and made it seem like grandma was knitting at night.   Jana has from the start had second thoughts about the appearance of the revised, dark version, but in the end she stuck with her first impression.   ‘Grandma’s Little Helper was one of our fastest cards to gain ‘out of stock’ status.  We are planning to include this card in a reprinting in fall of 2018.  I am not changing the color.   Why mess with success?            

Grandma's Little Helper

SKU: O-2011
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