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In 2010 we were commissioned to do the art for the Canadian National Railroad’s annual dinner to be held on April 12, 2011.  The background art was lifted from a vintage post card, and we introduced my characters in the foreground rowing their own taconite into port like California gold miners of old.   My daughter and I also designed for CN a post card for their fleet headquarters for their in-house use.  We did receive a handful of samples of those as stipends, but we understand they are very rare now.   When we drew up the postcard, we made sure we also had rights to make a greeting card from the design.   Thus, ‘Oreboat Oarboat’ made its debut in the October printing of 2010.  Again, the card is out of stock, but we hope to resurrect it in the second printing of 2018.

Oreboat Oarboat

SKU: D-2010
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