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When I taught Bible at a Christian school in Auburn Hills, Michigan, I used to go rollerblading on the neighborhood streets.   I used to push my two year old son in a stroller, as I practiced my crossovers.  One day when I was preparing for our daily skate, I couldn’t find my rollerblades.  To my amazement, my two-year-old boy had loosely put on my blades and was skating in our driveway, and he was skating in them better than I had ever skated.   To make a long story longer, we moved to Superior, Wisconsin several years later, and there we enrolled my son in the local hockey program.  Fourteen years I spent dropping my son off at local rinks so he could play with the other rink rats and develop into a hockey player par excellent.   Often he’d stay until the rink closed.   ‘Puckhound’ was a cartoon design that I drew in my ‘Fusion’ journal January 7, 2013 as I tried to record for myself that great feeling of winter nights when children would play under neighborhood lights the game they grew to love.  


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