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‘Seven Bridges’ was probably the most difficult card to prepare for printing.   It was originally given to a person on my mail route as a thank you note.   Therefore, all the fine detail drawn in fine print on a Hallmark blank card was exposed to be sloppy and detached when we enlarged it on our computer Wacom screen.  We spent many pain staking hours touching up every brick in this design pixel by pixel.  We purposefully included it in our 2011 line because we wanted to provide some fly fishing cards for our venders on the North Shore of Lake Superior.    I originally got the idea of fishing under bridge no. 5 over the Amity Creek while paging through the book Picture Duluth by Dennis O’Hara.  I used to play along the banks of that creek, and I have driven my bike over that bridge of the creek, but I had never really fished under that bridge.  We have been told by those who fish the creek regularly that they never have luck catching fish at that spot.

Seven Bridges

SKU: I-2011
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