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Cross-country skiing is a very popular sport in northern Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.   I drew this card up in my ‘Fusion’ journal May 25, 2010.  It was originally called simply, ‘The Birky’ after the famous Birkebeiner ski race in Norway.  In our neck of the woods we host the American Birkebeiner ski race in Cable, Wisconsin.  We wanted that name, and we called down to the office of the American Birkebeiner to get permission to use their name on our card, and they flat out denied us rights to do so.  Thus, we went with the slang name for cross country skiing ‘Skinny Skiing,’ and it fit!  We wanted to create a card to capture the sport of the people who wanted to send a personal note on which their passion is portrayed.  The number 57 was chosen simply because it was the year of my birth.  The skis I drew on the design were a little wider than modern cross country skis to commemorate the skis of that year.                                                      

Skinny Skiing

SKU: C-2010
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