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We have made decisions to name cards that we later regret, and this is my biggest regret in naming a card.  The original name of this card was, ‘When Rose Met Bud.”   I loved the original name which was an allusion to the name of Citizen Kane’s sled and the last word from his dying lips.   I felt movie goers would love the name.  My board felt that the name from a 1941 movie was too far removed from today’s audience.  So, what did we rename this card?  We took an old Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the South Pacific which premiered on Broadway in 1949, and we thought that was less removed.   LOL!   The song is a song about meeting a person in a crowded room, but the card is meeting another sled dog on a trail in the unpopulated outdoors of the north.  The song is about an evening, but the card appears to be either in the early morning or late afternoon.  It is a great card, but I wish I had a redo on the name.   

Some Enchanted Evening

SKU: Y-2014
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