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Our design that encapsulates my Minnesota childhood memories the most among our card designs is ‘Something’s Fishy.’   I drew it up in my ‘Fusion’ journal on January 30, 2011.  It was originally a card design that I sent to Luann Kapszak and Kim Mathias on my mail route.  Yet, the idea of this card goes back to my pre-seven-year-old childhood days when I would fish for crappies off the doc with my Grandpa Matt Kortes.   We would use bamboo poles, but often we would just dangle the black, cloth lines in the clear, dark waters under the dock below us.  We caught many crappies off that doc growing up, and it always amazed me that no matter how many we caught, there were always more the next day to fill our frying pans.  This is the perfect card for the fishing boy in the fishing man.

Something's Fishy

SKU: K-2011
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