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I used to deliver mail to George Hovland on my Skyline Parkway mail route, and he was an Olympian skier of years gone by.   He also was very involved with developing the Chester Bowl Ski area near his home on the Chester Creek.   For nearly a century, the ski jump at Chester Bowl could be seen on Duluth’s horizon all the way to the South Shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.   It was a grand landmark for the city.  I gave this card to George with the idea that he would be blessed by it but that I might eventually be able to employ it as a card design for Ice Box Cards.   I once again borrowed Dennis O’Hara’s eye in Picture Duluth to create the concept.  I then used the Wide World of Sports television show’s introduction line, “…thrill of victory and the agony of defeat…” for the design’s caption, but changing the last line to convey defeat due to not trying.   It was our idea to use this cartoon to challenge people by reminding them that they would always be a loser if they never would give it a try.  Sadly, a year after the card was printed, the city of Duluth tore down the jump due to liability issues.    

The Agony of Cold Feet

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