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I developed the concept of ‘Kayak Turnovers’ after drawing some cartoons of my character fishing from the fish’s point of view.  I wanted to see if I could actually create an underwater perspective from the top down, and I think I did.   The cartoon was created in my ‘Fusion’ journal on January 2, 2012.   In the journal all I have as the origin of this design was my daydreaming while I delivered the mail back then.  The idea actually came from a childhood experience.  When my brothers and cousins and I swam at our cabin’s lake growing up, we often brought our aluminum canoe into the middle of the lake, and purposefully we would capsize it.  It was a great memory of our childhood.  I was hoping that this cartoon would capture some of that memory for others.           

Kayak Turnovers

SKU: W-2012
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