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My daughter has a wall at her house where she has several years of collected original birthday or Christmas cards that I have sent her over the years.  ‘Party Puppers’ was a card I drew for her while she was still living in my house years ago.  Both of us love dogs, but this card is special because one of the dogs depicted is a German Shepherd named Kayla that I had adopted from one of my patrons on my mail route.   She was a great dog, and Jana and Kayla were inseparable.  The card is prophetic because it has my character presenting his daughter with a puppy.  Kayla would die shortly after this card was given, but she lived to see her successor come to our home in the shape of a white Siberian husky puppy named Sawyer.  ‘Party Puppers’ is the perfect birthday card for people who love ‘cute’. 

Party Puppers

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